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Full Capacity in Our safety products Manufacturing Plant

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Sample Process

Consult with Sales
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Sample Making
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Consult With Our Sales
If you need us to provide samples of outdoor bags, please contact our sales in advance to confirm the cost, express, delivery time etc.

Confirm Your Sample Details - Stocked or Customized
If you require our stock product, we can directly provide samples. If it is a customized product, please upload your design or send it to the sales. The fabric, color, size, logo and printing of the product can be customized to meet all your needs.

Strictly Follow Your Design
According to your design requirements, select the fabric, color, cutting and making. LOGO and labels are also produced by professional printing company. Track the progress of the whole process and feedback to you.

Sample Completed
When the sample is made, we will take a photo and confirm it again with the customer. After the customer is satisfied, we will confirm the receiving information, packaging, and transport.